Supported Internships

A Supported Internship acts as a bridging year between education and paid employment. It is for young people with an Educational Health & Care Plan (EHCP) who require extra support to be work ready. Usually, you will be based in a host business for a year and have the opportunity to try out three workplace rotations in that time. They will be ‘real world’ jobs where you can develop your employability skills and your understanding of what you would like to do in your future.

A whole team of people will work with you to help you be ready to enter the world of work at the end of the programme. These include a Tutor who will help you work towards  Employability, English and Maths qualifications at an appropriate level; A Job Coach who will help you learn your role in each work rotation by breaking the task down into small steps until you can carry out your work independently; A Business Liaison representative from the host business will help the team find rotations that match your aspirations.

There are brochures regarding current supported internships downloadable below.


Title Date  
UCG Supported Internships Brochure 2023 26th Jan 2023 Download
Shaw Trust Supported Internship Brochure 2023 26th Jan 2023 Download