Welcome to The Village School

It takes a village to raise a child

It is a pleasure to welcome you to The Village School, a  special needs school in the London Borough of Brent. 

Our school supports the needs of children with complex needs, cognition and learning difficulties. The school is a learning community of five villages, serving pupils aged 3 to 19, with a total enrolment of 315 students.

The Village School school curriculum is our progression model and supports, challenges and encourages each young person so they are active participants at every stage in the learning journey with a real zest for experiencing all aspects of life to the full!

The Village School aims to develop personalised pathways for each student to meet their individual needs and aspirations. Each pathway responds to the needs of individual learners and promotes student engagement, enjoyment, confidence and the acquisition of life skills.

Parents, Carers and Guardians are actively encouraged to work in partnership with The Village School's teachers and multi-professional teams to secure positive outcomes, always with an unrelenting focus on equipping learners for the next in life and adulthood.

The school operates across three sites: -31 classes are based at the main site, The Village School; five classes are based at the neighbouring Kingsbury High School - The Kingsbury Village; and two classes are located at The Futures Village.

All students at the Village School have an education, health and care plan, and many of them have additional complex medical conditions or are diagnosed with Autism. The student body comprises learners from various ethnic backgrounds, cultures and faiths, reflecting the diversity of our local community. The proportion of pupils supported through the pupil premium is higher than the national average.

The Village School believes in a transdisciplinary approach focusing on developing communication skills, independence, and physical and artistic development. The school also provides enrichment opportunities for the students, with a clear focus on preparing them for adult life. 

Karol Stelmaszczyk
The Village School

Ofsted 2023 - "Outstanding"


The Village School Vision