Camden Arts Centre

The Village School has been working in partnership with The Camden Arts Centre since 2010 on the annual Get The Message project. Get The Message is a project linking at least two special schools in a contemporary arts project based at the Centre. The schools work with two artists and create art linked to exhibitions held at the Centre. Our pupils visit the Centre several times during the academic year and an exhibition of the artwork is held at the Centre in July. There is a formal schools Exhibition day where both schools meet and engage in art activities together. A Family Learning day takes place during the weekend of the Exhibition and family groups are supported in attending the exhibition and celebrating their child’s achievement. There is the opportunity for some of our gifted and talented students to attend inclusive Saturday sessions at the Centre.

The project offers our students the opportunity over the space of a year to engage with artworks in the context of a contemporary gallery space and to feel at home in a public space – often the project will involve behind the scenes work looking at exhibitions being set up / people working in the office and our students can participate in the gallery as a place of work as well as exhibition space and studio. The family day, schools day and opportunities for further creative activities offers our students a holistic experience within which to make progress and reflect upon their learning and the relationships they make at the Centre.